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All proceeds will be donated to the Midwest Music Foundation in honor of Abigail Henderson. This is a righteous organization that supports KC area musicians in a variety of ways, most importantly with their emergency medical fund for those facing catastrophic illnesses or injuries. Please give as much as you're able, and check out all the details at

We love you, Abby.


released July 1, 1999

Guitar: Mike
Bass: Chris
Drums: Buddy
Vocals: Justin

Engineered by Chad Meise
Mastered by Mark Christensen
Photography by Erin Lindsay Dodson

Locket Love Records 003



all rights reserved


Revolvers Kansas City, Missouri

The band broke up on New Year's Eve 2000.

The next show is Saturday, May 21 2016.

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Track Name: All I Want To Know
Would it scare you if I told you that I loved you? Is that something you've been hoping I would say? I try to read your mind and I miss it every time. Am I stupid if I think you feel the same? All I want to know: when I hold you at night, do you want me to hold on forever? Never let you go? If we're doing all right, do you think we'll be all right forever? It's all I want to know.

When I'm with you, I'm sure all of my misgivings are just dumb things that I made up in my head. Have we gone too far to quit? Or will you be over it? Is there some way I can make sure this won't change?

Now I guess that we're going steady, and I know that's a little bit scary. But I'd be gone already if I thought you were temporary. So all I want to do is try and stay with you, if you want me to. Do you want me to? It's all I want to know.
Track Name: Better Off Alone
Don't want to talk about it. They can find out from somebody else how much fun it is to break down. Better off without it. Blue-smoke smiles and stereo dials that never turn up past the sound of drunk hearts and mouths who shouldn't have to know how to say, “Sorry you're feeling that way.” I know tonight I'm better off alone. I'm not all right and I'm better off alone.

Don't want to lie about it. When the loud conversations can stop, the silence is its own reward. Someone else can shout it. I'll be home turning over a record I know I can trust. Because, anymore, a party is nothing but spent youths and half-truths all round. Call me tomorrow and tell me that party burned down.

Sometimes foolish is as foolish tells. Sometimes I just need to keep myself to myself. Call me tomorrow and say how that party turned out. I won't be there. I'll be all right, but I'm better off alone. When foolish yells, I will keep myself to myself. I will be better alone.
Track Name: There's A Heart
There's a hand shaking from the coffee and the doubt. There's a mind trying hard to shut the distance out. But there's a heart that stays up all night, beating just for you. There's a heart that's staying true.

There's a hand holding steady on a cigarette. There's a mind that hasn't broken from the distance yet. And there's a heart that's doing all that it knows how to do. There's a heart that's staying true.

There's a heart that's staying honest, however long it takes. There's a heart that's made a promise, and before that promise breaks, there's a heart that will stop. But until then, this heart belongs to you. Until then, there's a heart that's staying true.
Track Name: Devotional
I would wait in my front yard, just hoping that you would drive by. I would walk with you for hours underneath a midnight autumn sky. Our first kiss in your second car, and later again in your room. You meant more to me than anybody else, and I didn't care if everybody knew. I don't want anybody else. It's just you.

I would drive those five miles to your house every day, just so I could get you your mail while you were away. I would sing you to sleep on the phone every night. When you got back, it hurt too much to admit that something didn't feel right.

Late last night, I walked outside and looked up at that perfect midnight blue. All those stars, they're beautiful and far away. They're a lot like you.
Track Name: Marley
Marley calls me sometimes when she's able and needs a boy to make her feel alive. It's like being spare change on a table and waiting for her pocket to arrive. But I know Marley's going to change her mind about me.

She's not like some other girls from uptown with lips that never breathe a word that's true. But she's the drain that all my best time runs down, and when she's gone, I'm empty like you wish you never knew.

But I know Marley's going to change her mind about me. I know she's running out of reasons to doubt me. For better or for worse, I'm only hers.

Tonight I'm driving over. Late night green light heartbeat almost there. Friday night and it's enough to know her. And if my light's late to her door, she won't care. Short scene stolen from a midnight matinee: "If we both pretend you're mine, too, can I stay?"

I know Marley's going to change her mind about me. I know she's running out of reasons to doubt me. And everyone's going to know the reason I've been waiting so devoutly. I know Marley's got it right this time. Marley's going to change her mind about me.
Track Name: Annie
Annie, tell me where it went wrong. Is this really what we waited for so long? To turn time away from trying, and what we had to gone? Tell me where it went wrong.

Goodbye ain't the word to say. Don't it feel like running out the easy way? Like a New Year's resolution that we couldn't keep 'til May? Let's not end this way.

You know we'll only be lying if we go denying the feeling we had at the start. And I don't want to give up, but it's hard to live up to what I expect from my heart.

Annie, I don't want to be through. But if breaking my heart's what you want to do, you can call me up in five years when your heart's been broken, too, and I won't be over you.
Track Name: The Only One
You turned up just in time. I hope you stay. You're something that's perfect on my worst day. You're the one who I wish for when I wish the world away. You're the only one I could ever want. The only one who knows when everything goes wrong.

I burned up so much time, so far from right, before I had you next to me at night. So if you ask me how I feel, this time I'll know what to say. You're the only one I could ever want. The only one who knows when I'm not feeling strong.

You're the only one who sees the smile I've never shown. You're the only one who's gone when I want to be alone. The one I hope I die before I lie to. The one and only one.
Track Name: Not Really Blue
I don't really drink, but there's another empty bottle of Wild Turkey underneath the bed. I don't even blink when I hear someone say your name, but it makes me want to leave myself for dead. I don't really drink, but the bottle's still there. I don't really mean it when I say I don't care. Fill a glass and I think about you. And I tell myself I'm not really blue.

I don't really smoke, but there's another empty pack of Lucky Strikes on the window sill. I know it's a joke, but even though you haven't called yet, I sit around thinking that you will. I don't really smoke, but the ashtray's filled. I looked both ways and I still got killed. Strike a match and I think about you. And I tell myself I'm not really blue.

I don't know why, but I expected a happy ending. And even though I'm the one who wrecked it, I keep pretending.

I don't really cry, but there's another empty night spent by the record player all alone. I don't really lie, except for when I tell myself that I'm doing just fine on my own. I don't really cry, but the tear stains show. Nights go by and I'm fading out slow. Force a laugh and I think about you. And I tell myself we're not really through. I tell myself I'm not really blue.
Track Name: New Depression
I thought that everything was going to be all right. That was way back when I could get to sleep at night. Before my whole life and the next day got me down. I've got a new depression now.

I had some mornings when I made it out of bed. I had some reasons for not wishing I was dead. I had some hope to pick me up when I would fall. This new depression took it all.

I used to want to do so much more than survive. Now I just try to dream of waking up alive. Now I can't stand to talk to anyone I know.

This new depression's got to go.
Track Name: Standin' Sadly
Girl in a doorway at the end of the street. I stop looking your way every time our eyes meet. Scared I could be the one you're looking for when you're standin' sadly in the door. Wonder what you'd do if I walked up to you and said hello. Standin' sadly on your own.

Nervous about the reaction I'll get. But there's still one thing I haven't tried yet. And I don't know if you're ready or not. But far as I can tell, here's what we've got: One boy with a broken heart. One girl, wants a brand new start. The first step is the hardest part. Just walking up to you to say hello. Standin' sadly on your own.

I can't keep waiting forever. Tonight is the night I'm walking up to you to say hello. No more standin' sadly on your own.
Track Name: Torch
I've been sleeping late. Staying up 'til dawn since you've been gone. I've been hiding out. Kept my curtains drawn since you've been gone. I've been falling off. Finding out it's pretty rough without the one I pinned all my hopes on. I burn a light. I'm up all night. And I don't care who knows it and I don't care if it's right. This torch stays bright.

I've been losing weight. My shadow tells the truth since you've been gone. I've been saving hate like blood inside a bruise. Since you've been gone, I've been wearing down. Just as well that no one's found a reason to make me show them the proof.

I remember how your heartbeat used to sound at night when I'd sleep with my arms around you. One more memory that I should have drowned by now, since you've been gone. There's a part of you in every mark I've made trying to burn out what never fades away.
Track Name: The Angels' Share
In one seat on one plane
know that you remain my true direction
constant dear concern
and on this morning flight
close my eyes in sunlight saying your name
with everything to learn

A few drops disappear
from Scottish barrels each year
some say angels have their share of all that's fine
stayed awake last night
so afraid
those angels might have taken
the place beside you I hoped could be mine

Passenger dreams, prayer is sent
loss that angels might prevent
here's to halos mercy-bent

If you're waiting for me
if you're wanting to know
if our time is forfeit for the angels' share
I've been waiting for you
through this time I've been low
and I do believe
some chance sustains
if any angels care

Eastward wing
lighter now
brighter now
angel thinks
angel winks
angel leaves this choice to your lips
lights away
to kinder drinks

On landing with a gift
whisper my thanks for the lift
above you, satisfied wings make their ways
they were there last spring
on streets and trains
then as now, I love you
here's a chance that stays

If you're waiting for me
if you're wanting to know
I believe you've been left with the angels' share
I've been waiting for you
I've been constant, if slow
and as you may stand in for an angel
darling please be there